Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Lifestyle Favorites


Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
This is really good. It doesn't have as much sugar as some of the other chocolate hazelnut spreads, so I don't feel as guilty eating this.
Naked Bear Fruit and Nutty 
I love eating this with greek yogurt with some fresh fruit on top.
Trader Joe's Blueberry waffles with Speculoos cookie butter 
I love this combination, you have to try it! I mean Speculoos cookie butter is already amazing on it's own! But I love eating these two together for breakfast.


Coldplay Ghost Stories
Coldplay is one of those bands that just does no wrong. Fave songs on this album are "Always In My Head", "A Sky Full of Stars", and "Magic".

This Wild Life Clouded
I've been listening to songs from this album since it was released in late May. I can't stop listening to "405" and "History". All the songs on this album are so good, definitely my type of music. If you like indie/alternative type music, go check it out!

O-Town Skydive
If you have been an O-Town fan since the early days like I have, and haven't watched this yet, you need to watch it right now! I love their new single, it's definitely different from their older stuff but it still has that O-Town twist to it that we all know and love. The single will be available on iTunes July 27th!

Last but not least I had to include the movie of the summer, 22 Jump Street. I watched it on opening day and it was amazing, just as hilarious as the prequel if not more. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the perfect duo. I'm just sad that there's not going to be a 23 Jump Street.

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