Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday: O-Town Reunion!

I've been waiting so long for this moment! My favorite boy band of all time is finally reuniting!!! Each of the band members (sans Ashley) made the announcement via Twitter last week telling the world that they are back and ready to make new music! They also put up a video on their YouTube channel announcing their return! SO EXCITING!!!! :D

After watching it, of course I had to tweet about it and how ecstatic I was feeling. Lo and behold that evening my phone lit up with a message from Erik! I couldn't even believe what I had seen. He replied back!!! I was just so happy, I was running around like a kid! I felt like I was twelve again! Could you imagine someone from your favorite band tweeting you back?! Seriously though, best thing ever! ;P

Those who have known me since I was twelve know how big of an O-Town fan I am. I'm talking huge! It all started when the show Making The Band aired on ABC. I used to watch it every Friday night and I was so intrigued at the idea of a search for talented musicians to be in a band. I just instantly fell in love with the guys of O-Town. I liked every single one of them but of course every girl had to have a favorite or two... ;) and mine were Jacob (from the very beginning) and Erik. Like any hardcore fan, I had all their CD's, lots and lots of posters (my friends would give me any O-Town posters that they had because they just knew), the DVD that was released of their concert in NYC, all the MTB episodes that I recorded on VHS (can you say retro?). I even knew the choreography to their songs, no joke! The only thing I missed was going to a concert of their's and meeting them :( But now that they're finally back, I WILL go to their concert and hopefully meet them :) 

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